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Brody Williams. Artist.

I am an Illustrator, Concept Designer, and Comic Artist living in the beautiful mountains of Virginia with my wife and daughter. I've had a passion for drawing ever since as I was a young child and have been working professionally as a freelance artist since 2014. I have a strong passion for horror, especially films of the genre from the 80's and 90's and you'll find a lot of that reflected in my work. I have big love for professional wrestling and have really enjoyed designing t-shirts for wrestlers signed with AEW and ROH. When I'm not doing this art thing, most free time is spent enjoying my family and friends, but other hobbies include good books, the outdoors, and the occasional nap, because lets face it, artists never sleep.

If you've found yourself here, hopefully that means that you're a fan of my work or maybe you're looking to collaborate on a project of your own. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you're interested in hiring me for a private commission or commercial work.

Credit/Client List

  • Concept Designer for "Father Time" in the upcoming slasher film "Time's Up" 

  • Marvel-Various trading card and game projects

  • 20th Century Fox

  • Miramax Films

  • Officially Licensed Victor Crowley Hatchet prints

  • Printed In Blood- Firefly Art Book

  • Pro Wrestling Tees

  • AEW- Hangman Adam Page, Joey Janela, Best Friends (Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor)

  • ROH-The Villain Marty Scurll

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